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Carbon Recapture is a project in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It becomes available after building an Industrial Zone district (or one of its replacements) and discovering Global Warming Mitigation. A city must have an Industrial Zone to undertake this project.

With this project a city uses its facilities to clean the atmosphere by different methods. This helps our planet, and is ultimately recognized by everyone on it. Each time the project is completed, it awards 30 Diplomatic Favor (Civ6) Diplomatic Favor and reduces the civilization's lifetime carbon emissions by 50 CO2 points.

This project allows the lifetime carbon emissions of a civilization to go below 0, meaning even if they do not produce a lot of CO2, they can still clean up the mess made by other civilizations. During Climate Accords, every time you complete this project, you earn a good amount of points, so if you run it on repeat in a number of your cities, you have no problem winning the competition and earn the valuable Diplomatic Victory point, even when you are still the chief polluter of the world.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Toward Carbon Neutrality (Civ6)
Toward Carbon Neutrality
Complete the Carbon Recapture project 10 times during a single game
A reference to the environmentalist group 'Carbon Neutrality Coalition'.
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