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Game InfoEdit

Unique unit of the Swedish civilization. Replaces the Rifleman.

  • Special abilities:
    • March promotion


Caroleans are the backbone of the early Industrial Era Swedish army. They start with the March promotion, which allows them to heal every turn even if they perform an action. This gives them a great advantage in many circumstances, especially when they need to relocate.

Try building or otherwise securing the Alhambra before you start churning out Caroleans, the free Drill I promotion will come in very handy for them (don't forget to have a Barracks and an Armory already built in the same city in order to really make use of this combo!). Also, see if you can also later get a Military Academy along with the Brandenburg Gate in that city for increasing the ability of your elite troops further. With regards as to defense, also having the Great Wall and Himeji Castle wonders will make life even easier for a player utilizing Caroleans.

Alongside Hakkapeliittas and one or more Great Generals, you will end up with an army that can give even more advanced (or merely larger) Civilizations a hard time.

Civilopedia entryEdit

An elite army of Swedish soldiers, these soldiers served the Swedish crown from roughly 1660–1718. Arguably the most effective soldiers of their time, the Caroleans were a small group, but made up for their fewer numbers with innovative tactics and staunch discipline. The Caroleans were strictly offensive troops, and never practiced nor drilled any kind of retreat maneuver. They would charge towards the enemy lines, only responding with their own fire once they were close enough to be sure to hit. The raging, all out charge demoralized many an army, and the Caroleans caused many lines of enemy troops to break and flee.

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