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Game Info[]

Specialized ship of the Modern Era.

  • Common abilities:
    • May carry up to two Aircraft (more with Promotions)
    • May Not Melee Attack


The Carrier is a specialized vessel which offers a base of operations for fighter airplanes and bombers (but not Stealth Bombers). Its development allows a civilization to bring its air power to the sea, and deliver it to any point of the map where needed. The Carrier itself is unable to attack, but the aircraft it carries make it the most powerful offensive tactical weapon afloat. Such is its importance that most modern commanders form their fleets around Carriers. Defensively, however, the Carrier is weak and should be escorted by Destroyers and Submarines.

In Brave New World there are special promotions available for the Carrier which allow it to carry more aircraft and defend better against attacks.

Use Carriers to transport your air power over the ocean and to coasts which you can't otherwise reach. Then support your land offensive with your airplanes!

Civilopedia entry[]

The first flight of an aircraft from an American vessel came in 1910. While some traditionalists fought the development of the carrier, claiming that the battleship was and would always remain the backbone of a modern navy, carriers were in production in navies across the world by the 1920s. In December of 1941 the Japanese navy proved the power of aircraft carriers beyond the shadow of a doubt by destroying much of the American Pacific fleet (including most of its vaunted battleships) in a brilliant surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. By an extraordinary stroke of fortune the American carriers were not at port when the attack occurred, and these were able to slow the Japanese advance until the massive US carrier production effort began to bear fruit, eventually resulting in overwhelming American carrier (and air) superiority, and crushing defeat for Japan.


  • The Carrier is modeled after USS Essex (CV-9), with her hull number 9 being visible in the unit image and on the in-game model. However, the hull number is aligned to the ship's starboard in-game, rather than to the center as it was in real life. The in-game Carrier depicts Essex in World War II configuration, sporting a straight flight deck and 5"/38 (12.7cm) Mark 12 dual-purpose guns.


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