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The Carthaginian civilization (Carthaginians) is a default civilization in Civilization II.


The Carthaginians are an orange civilization. A game including them will not have the English or Greeks.


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The default male leader of the Carthaginians is Hannibal (247–c. 182 BC), a suffet whose campaigns against the Romans in the Second Punic War established him as one of history's greatest generals.

The default female leader is Dido, the legendary Tyrian exile who founded Carthage c. 814 BC. In Roman myth, particularly Vergil's Aeneid, she committed suicide after a failed romance with the Trojan exile and Roman forefather Aeneas.

Carthaginian leaders only use the default titles under various governments.


The Carthaginian AI is militaristic.

City list[]

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The default Carthaginian list consists of ancient and medieval settlements in the general area of the Carthaginian Empire. Only Rusaddir is a Carthaginian name for a Carthaginian settlements; other names are given in English, Latin, Italian, Arabic, or Berber.

1 Carthage QRTHDŠ Qart Hadesh New Town (default capital)
2 Utica `TQ `Atiq Old Town
3 Malaca MLK′ Malake
4 Caralis KRLY Karali
5 Panormus ṢYṢ Ziz Flower
6 Leptis Parva LPQY Lepqi Building
7 Cartennas Kartenna Tenes Town
8 Rusicade RŠKD Jug Cape
9 Gades ′GDR Agadir Stronghold
10 Rusuccuru RŠHQR Partridge Cape
11 Girba Meninx
12 Leptis Magna LPQY Lepqi Building
13 Carthago Novo QRTHDŠ Qart Hadesh New Town
14 Oea WY′T Oyat
15 Tingis TNG′ Tinga
16 Rusaddit RŠ′DR Rush Adir Great Cape
17 Alalia
18 Selinus
19 Himera
20 Akragas
21 Theveste
22 Saguntum
23 Uthina
24 Thugga TBGG
25 Hippo Regius `PWN Upon Harbor
26 Cossura ′YRNM
27 Ruspina RŠPN Rush Pina Pointy Cape
28 Thaenae T`YNT Tayinat
29 Bitia BYT`N Bitan Palace
30 Sulci SLKY Sulki
31 Portus Magonis
32 Rusaddir RŠ′DR Rush Adir Great Cape
33 Siga ŠYG`N Shigan
34 Zilis ´ŠLYT
35 Maenaca
36 Abrontum
37 Rabat Š`LT Shalat
38 Solus KPR′ Kapara Village
39 Marsala RŠMLQRT Rush Melqart Cape Melqart
40 Monoecus
41 Aspis
42 Cornus
43 Tharros
44 Thabraca TBRK`N Tabrakan
45 Sicca Veneria Sikka
46 Igilgili `YGLGLT Skull Island
47 Tipasa ṬP`TN
48 Sebta ´BN Habena Stone
49 Abdera ′BDRT Abderat
50 Ilici
51 Lucentum White Fort
52 Cypsela
53 Ebusas ′BŠM Iboshim Dedicated to Bes
54 Taparura

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "Carthage" again.

Cypsela is a possibly imaginary city in Iberia that was included in an old Roman periplus. Cartennas is an ungrammatical form of Cartennae; Ebusas is an ungrammatical form of Ebusus, the Latin name for Ibiza; Carthago Novo is an ungrammatical form of Carthago Nova, the Latin name for the Qart Hadasht on the Iberian Peninsula. Rusaddit is apparently a misspelling of Rusaddir, which also appears on the list. Taparura and Ilici were apparently Greek and Roman foundations in the Punic sphere. Sebta is the Arabic form of Latin Septem, Punic Abyla. Hippo Regius also appears on the Roman city list. Rabat, the capital of Morocco founded in the 12th century, also appears on the Arab city list. Monoecus is the same as Monaco on the French list. Malaca, Gades, Lucentum, and "Carthago Novo" are the same cities as Malaga, Cadiz, Alicante, and Cartagena on the Spanish list.


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In the Rome scenario, the Carthaginians are green (Zulus) and occupy the south-west of the map in northwest Africa and southern Spain. Their biggest city and capital is Carthage.

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