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Cathedral (Civ2).png A Cathedral is a building in Civilization II that makes 3 unhappy citizens content.

Some advances lessen or improve the effect of Cathedrals. Communism reduces the effect of making unhappy citizens content by one while conversely Theology improves the effect by one. These modify the building's base effects.

The Civilization that builds the wonder Michelangelo's Chapel will have a Cathedral in all of its cities, with no maintenance costs. Players should sell their Cathedrals to save gold.


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Civilopedia entry[]

Throughout the Dark Ages that followed the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian Church was a major influence in the revival of European civilization. In recognition of the expanding influence of the church, great cathedrals were built in the largest towns and cities, to act as centers of religious study and worship. In addition to their religious significance, cathedrals acted as the center of social and cultural activity in the town. They brought great pride, stability, and tradition to the citizens of the community.


The Civilopedia entry erroneously claims the Cathedral makes four unhappy citizens content, this is only true after Theology.

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