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The Cathedral is a second-level religious building. Each religion has its own variant on the Christian Cathedral; these variations are slightly more than cosmetic, as each variation can be completed faster depending on access to certain resources. Your civilization must have a prerequisite number of Temples of that religion in order to build a Cathedral. This number varies with map size:

  • Duel/Tiny/Small: 2 Temples for every Cathedral
  • Standard/Large: 3 Temples for every Cathedral
  • Huge: 4 Temples for every Cathedral

Below is a table of the variations of Cathedrals, along with the resource which allows the Cathedral to be built with +100% Hammer (Civ4).png:

Religion Cathedral
2x Production
Buddhism (Civ4).png Buddhist Stupa Buddhist Stupa (Civ4).png Copper (Civ4).png
Christianity (Civ4).png Christian Cathedral Christian Cathedral (Civ4).png Stone (Civ4).png
Confucianism (Civ4).png Confucian Academy Confucian Academy (Civ4).png Copper (Civ4).png
Hinduism (Civ4).png Hindu Mandir Hindu Mandir (Civ4).png Marble (Civ4).png
Islam (Civ4).png Islamic Mosque Islamic Mosque (Civ4).png Marble (Civ4).png
Judaism (Civ4).png Jewish Synagogue Jewish Synagogue (Civ4).png Stone (Civ4).png
Taoism (Civ4).png Taoist Pagoda Taoist Pagoda (Civ4).png Copper (Civ4).png


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