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Catholic Monarchy is a form of government from The Black Death, a scenario in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.


Catholic Monarchy is the only form of government available in The Black Death. It provides extra Faith Faith in each city, and for defeating enemy units.

Civilopedia entry[]

Sovereignty vested in a single individual – king, queen, prince, whatever – ruling until abdication or death (or, in the case of a revolution, often both). The successor to all this power is usually determined by heredity, next in line in the (more-or-less) direct royal lineage. That is a monarchy, quite popular during most eras of civilization. Monarchies come in many flavors. An absolute monarchy is one in which there are no restraints on the wielding of power. In a constitutional monarchy, the ruler’s power is somewhat constrained by law … no “off with his head” without a trial, for instance. In an electoral monarchy, the ruler is elected, usually by some form of special convocation (such as that for the Holy Roman Empire).

Absolute monarchies work rather well, provided the ruler is as gifted as Elizabeth I, Frederick the Great or Qin Shi Huang. Otherwise, the nation tends to slip in stagnation. And for the truly inept revolution looms: Charles I, Louis XVI, Tsar Nicholas II, and a long list of others. Rather more stable and successful are constitutional monarchies, many of which began as elective monarchies. Most of the world’s current monarchies are constitutional, with the ruler serving in a symbolic, traditional, patriotic and propaganda role. Which is not to say that their role is not influential or important ... just look to the Queen of England or Emperor of Japan.

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GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.