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Catholicism is one of the twelve default religions in Civilization VI. Players who have founded a pantheon can found Catholicism by using a Great Prophet at either a Holy Site or Stonehenge.

Catholic places of worship are represented conceptually in-game by the Cathedral, though there is no real gameplay relation between the religion and the building.

Civilopedia entry[]

Roman Catholicism refers to the theology and doctrine of the Christian church under the auspices of the Holy See, the papacy based in Rome. According to ecclesiastical scholars, Catholicism is distinguished from other branches of Christianity by its commitment to the church’s traditions, to the sacraments, and its priesthood as interpreters of the Bible.

The earliest known use of the term “Catholic Church” is by Ignatius of Antioch around 107 AD. The early church was organized based on the rule of three patriarchs, those of Rome, Alexandria and Antioch – to which were later added the patriarchs of Constantinople and Jerusalem. But too many patriarchs tend to muddy the holy waters.

Soon, the patriarch of Rome claimed special authority based on the connection between St. Peter and that city. For 1000 years, Roman Catholicism dominated Europe, until the Great Schism of 1054 AD that gave rise to Eastern Orthodoxy, a split that had to do with political struggles between Constantinople and the newly-founded Holy Roman Empire, as well as cultural splits between a Greek-speaking religious world and a Latin-speaking one. Some 500 years later another major division in Christianity occurred with the Protestant Reformation, which saw many in Europe reject the teachings and practices of Catholicism in favor of more personal expressions of belief.

Presently, the Roman Catholic Church considers those not in communion with the Vatican to be “non-Catholics” but tolerates differing interpretations of the Bible. A bit of a shift from the days when it burned heretics and most everyone else who differed from the Catholic dogma.


  • The constellation that represents Catholicism is the Celtic cross.
  • Catholicism is the most-followed religion by the AI, with 12 total leaders following it.

Related achievements[]

Shield of Christianity
Shield of Christianity
As Hungary, have Christianity as your dominant religion and defeat a unit who's Civilization's dominant religion is not Christianity.
Hungary was one of the countries that stopped the Ottomans' advance in the Battle of Vienna.
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