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Cattle (Civ6) Cattle are a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. They are found on flat Grassland tiles.


Cattle (Civ6) Cattle add an extra point of Civ6Food Food to the already fertile Grassland terrain for a major boost to Citizen6 Population growth in cities. Improved Cattle (Civ6) Cattle also provide bonuses to Civ6Production Production (and later additional Civ6Food Food). Finally, they are required to build Great Zimbabwe, a wonder that provides an extra TradeRoute6 Trade Route and additional Civ6Gold Gold from bonus resources when trading.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Whether beef, dairy, or draft animals, cattle in all their forms have been serving mankind since before history began. In fact, it appears that wild aurochs were domesticated at some point around 10,500 years ago in what is today Turkey. Evidence shows that cattle were being used as a medium of barter around 7000 BC in the Indian subcontinent. Ever since, cattle and oxen have supplied meat and milk, leather and horn, and been beasts of burden and objects of religious devotion.

Civilization VI Resources [edit]

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