Cavalry is used against cannons; its weakness is riflemen.

The Cavalry is replaced by the following unique unit:

The following units can be upgraded to Cavalry:


This most powerful mounted unit is particularly effective in open terrain and can withdraw from combat. It receives a bonus when attacking Cannons but receives no terrain bonuses when defending.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Cavalry is composed of soldiers trained to fight on horseback. Because of their speed, cavalry units were often used for reconnaissance missions and hit-and-run raids on enemy installations and troops. Although warriors fighting from horseback with a variety of weapons date back to ancient Egypt, horse-mounted cavalry as we generally think of it today actually began in the late 1700s. Under Napoleon, the cavalry became an elite force, frequently deployed simultaneously with foot soldiers to mask the movements of the main battle force.

Cavalry were used extensively in the American Civil War, and in other conflicts throughout the mid to late 19th century. When the repeating rifle replaced earlier single-shot firearms, horse-mounted troops became easy targets for infantrymen. The South African War, from 1899 to 1902, was the last major conflict where cavalry played an important role. Today, the roles once performed by horse-mounted cavalry have been assumed by troops utilizing armored assault vehicles and aircraft.

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