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The Celtic civilization (Celts) is a default civilization in Civilization II.


The Celts are a white civilization. A game including them will not have the Romans, Russians, or Incas.


Cunobelin and Boudicca (Civ2).png
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The default male leader of the Celts is Cunobelin (died c. 40), a king of the Catuvellauni Britons who controlled the area around Colchester and St Albans just prior to the Roman conquest of southern Britain. His story was loosely adapted by Shakespeare as Cymbeline.

The default female leader is Boadicea, a variant spelling of Boudica (died c. 60), wife of Prasutagus, a king of the Iceni Britons who controlled the area around Norfolk. Unjust treatment following her husband's death provoked her to leading a failed revolt against Roman rule.

Celtic leaders use the default titles except under fundamentalism. A Celtic high priest or priestess is known as a "druid".


The Celtic AI is rational and expansionist.

City list[]

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The Celtic city list is a mix of Welsh, Irish, and Scottish placenames. The names are mostly modern English forms and are mostly medieval sites having nothing to do with Cunobelin or Boadicea and little to do with the ancient Celtic civilization that spread from Ireland to Greece and Anatolia.

  1. Cardiff (default capital)
  2. Kells
  3. Carmarthen
  4. Armagh
  5. Caernarfon
  6. Tintagel
  7. Caerphilly
  8. Cork
  9. Rhymney
  10. Iona
  11. Rhondda
  12. Illauntannig
  13. Swansea
  14. Durrow
  15. Merthyr
  16. Tara
  17. Llangollen
  18. Dinas Powys
  19. Aberystwyth
  20. Rhayader
  21. Abergavenny
  22. Dinas Emrys
  23. Cardigan
  24. Llanelli
  25. Maesteg
  26. Neath
  27. Denbigh
  28. Ayr
  29. Inverness
  30. Rothesay
  31. Maltaig
  32. Nairn
  33. Arbroath
  34. Carndonagh
  35. Donegal
  36. Omagh
  37. Drogheda
  38. Enniscorthy
  39. Dungarvin
  40. Youghal
  41. Killala
  42. Perth
  43. Arran
  44. Carsaig
  45. Carrowmore
  46. Llanenddwyn
  47. Caergybi
  48. Rhyl
  49. Dyserth
  50. Corwen
  51. Arthog
  52. Llanbadarnfawr
  53. Mallwyd
  54. Criccieth
  55. Aberffraw

When this list is completed, the game continues with the names in the extra cities list. When that list is completed, the game cycles back to the top of this list with "Cardiff" again.


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In the Rome scenario, the Celts are purple (Mongols) and occupy northern Europe, the Peloponnese, and central Anatolia. Their biggest city and capital is La Tene.

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