Enable Cheat Menu Edit

Press Ctrl + K to turn on the cheat menu. Then you can perform several actions via the drop down menu.

Update Throne RoomEdit

During the game press Q.

New Council Attitude and TimeEdit

During the game press Ctrl + Shift + T together.

Edit Unit (except for type)Edit

During the game press Ctrl + Shift + U together.

God ModeEdit

Hold Shift and press 123456 then release Shift and press T

Use Enemy CityEdit

Infiltrate your enemy's cities. Press "V" and move diagonally into an enemy city and press ENTER. You can now change the city's productivity and disband unit.

Rename Enemy CityEdit

To easily change an enemy city's name all you have to do is to send a spy into one of their cities and choose investigate city. Then simply pick rename. The city will be renamed and won't change unless you decide to rename it again.

Begin Game with 100,000 GoldEdit

Enter "leemur" as the name of your Civilization, without the quotes.

Getting Money EasilyEdit

First activate the cheat menu then select the "Change Money" option. Enter "9" as many times as possible and you will get 30,000 in gold.

Starting a Huge WarEdit

Start the map editor and create a small island. Put in as many civilizations as possible.

Three More UnitsEdit

To get three more units follow the steps below:

  1. Activate Cheat Mode
  2. Click Create Unit
  3. Click Veteran
  4. Click Obs.
  5. Scroll down

PS oneEdit

Cheat 1Edit


Cheat 2Edit


Cheat 3Edit

To gain lots o cash,first you have to build a new city at the enter the name screen enter new city name as the following _CasH and hold R1 while entering H and you will have lots o cash

Cheat 4Edit


Cheat 5Edit


Cheat 6Edit


Cheat 7Edit

If you use the cheat don't worry about building cities fast. use your diplomats to run around and buy your enemy's cities when you get close to them look for his settlers buy them and you have settlers that are not supported from any of your cities.

Cheat 8Edit


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