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 "The wicked king pursued the lovers Juan and Maria on his swiftest horse. As he overtook them, Maria flung down her ring, and at once rose up seven tall hills, and the king was slowed."
– Filipino Folk Tale
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The Chocolate Hills are a four-tile passable Natural Wonder available in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Each Wonder tile provides 1 Food Food, 2 Production Production, and 1 Science Science. Chocolate Hills tiles also increase the Appeal of adjacent tiles by +2.

Discovering the Chocolate Hills grants +1 Era Score, or +3 Score if the player is the first to do so.


Since it has a vertical diamond shape, and given that it is a passable natural wonder which innately cannot be developed, the Chocolate Hills is a perfect spot for a National Park.

Since this is a passable Natural Wonder, it also counts as terrain features, which means it benefits from Reyna's Forestry Management and the Marae and also prevents Droughts.

If you have control of this Natural Wonder, consider pursuing Charles Darwin in order to receive his maximum reward of 2000 Science Science.

Civilopedia entry[]

Despite the name, there are no cacao trees atop these conical shaped hills, but instead they were named for their appearance in the dry season - resembling iconic chocolate treats. Located in the island of Bohol in the Philippines, the Chocolate Hills are a National Geographical Monument with a mysterious history. What caused the creation of these strangely shaped grassy mounds? The most commonly accepted theory is that they are weathered marine limestone, the result of thousands of years of erosion. Others have suggested that they came from coral reefs, thrust upward in a tectonic shift. Of course, there are also myths surrounding the creation of these (at least) 1268 hills. Perhaps they formed from the tears of a lonely giant who lost his mortal love. Regardless of how they were formed, these hills make for a uniquely gorgeous view.


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