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Han Jae-Moon, leader of Chungsu

Chungsu is a new civilization introduced in Rising Tide. Their leader is the shrewd tactician, Han Jae-Moon. Chungsu is a faction based on the Korean peninsula that controls the Korean military, foreign affairs, and financial systems. They have built various underwater annexes throughout the ocean.

  • Starts with one free covert agent, each successful covert operation in a foreign city rewards 10 science per agent rank.
  • May make planetfall in sea.

Civilopedia entry[]

Like any clandestine organization, the Chungsu entity is the frequent target of conspiracy theorists and political demagogues. As the agency does not have a public face, it is often under scrutiny from international bodies such as the UN+S and Blue Planet Peace. Rumors include everything from illuminati-like secret society to anti-PAC terrorists. Spokespeople for Chungsu claim it is simply a semi-public defense consulting enterprise. The reality of the matter is somewhere in between. Some of the few facts that have been independently verified are as follows: It is an organization based in the Korean peninsula, if not originating there. It ostensibly replaced Korean military forces, and foreign affair and financial bureaus. It is most likely responsible for decades of political influence in Chinese and Japanese interests. It is believed to house numerous facilities, if not its headquarters, in subaquatic environments.

In truth, Chungsu is an interstellar defense organization founded by ambitious futurists. Begun shortly after the Provenance Discovery scandal, the organization was kept confidential by its founders: a multidisciplinary team of scientists, advanced weapons experts, and government officials. From its underwater complex, it is able to experiment and prepare for interstellar travel. Hypothetical alien technologies are simulated and even the most extremely speculative hypotheses are fully explored.

It was Chungsu involvement in the Great Mistake investigations that made the organization a prime suspect in the cover-up. Critics demanded transparency behind the agency’s funding sources; however, Korean officials refused to act. Whether or not this was from internal or external pressures is still unknown. What is known is that Korean society was surprisingly well prepared to handle the Great Mistake. Even before the Great Mistake, Chungsu was in a difficult predicament. Between Japan’s isolationism, and China’s unstoppable growth, the Korean peninsula walked a very fine and finite line. The Great Mistake eased Chinese aggression, but it wasn’t until Japan suffered unrecoverable damage to its infrastructure during the Hareubang Tsunami that Chungsu was able to escape its untenable situation. A recovery effort led by Chungsu helped paint the secretive organization in a more positive light domestically, albeit not internationally. The failure of centralized government and the vacuum of localized power allowed the Chungsu to step in and take matters into its own hands.

Bolstered by the public support, Chungsu emerged from the shadows after decades of careful preparation in order to lead humanity into the future. Their efforts to save the planet through covert activity had failed. The Inflection Point had arrived.

Character Trait[]

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Jeog-ui Naebu
Level Bonus
Level 1 Start with one free Covert Agent. Each successful Covert Operation in a foreign City rewards 10 Science Science per Agent rank
Level 2 Each successful Covert Operation in foreign City rewards 15 Science Science per Agent ran
Level 3 Gain one additional Covert Agent. Each successful Covert Operation in a foreign City rewards 30 Science Science per Agent rank.

List of Cities[]

Order City Name Native Script Language Meaning Notes
1 (Capital) Jeongsang 頂上 (정상) Korean "Summit/Top"
2 Dangye 段階 (단계) Korean "Phase/Stage"
3 Uimu 義務 (의무) Korean "Duty/Obligation"
4 Yagsog 約束 (약속) Korean "Promise/Appointment"
5 Jibae 支配 (지배) Korean "Mastery/Dominion"
6 Cheongchija 聽取者


Korean "Listener" Correctly written Cheongchwija.
7 Bojeung 保証 (보증) Korean "Warranty/Guarantee"
8 Gamsa 感謝 (감사) Korean "Thanks/Gratitude"
9 Ihae 理解 (이해) Korean "Understanding"
10 Junbi 準備 (준비) Korean "Preparations"
11 Gwanchalja 観察者


Korean "Observer"
12 Chul 鉄 (철) Korean "Iron"
13 Sinnyeom 信念 (신념) Korean "Belief/Faith"
14 Tong-Gwa 通過 (통과) Korean "Passing/Transit"
15 Pangyeol 判決 (판결) Korean "Verdict/Judgement"
16 Mogjeog 目的 (목적) Korean "Purpose/Destination"
17 Pungbu 豊富 (풍부) Korean "Rich/Wealth"
18 Insig 認識 (인식) Korean "Recognition/Awareness"
19 Pinancheo 避難処


Korean "Shelter"