A city is the basic unit of a civilization in Civilization II.


Cities are named in order from lists in city.txt. The default city name lists are described in detail on the page of each civilization. When these names are used, the game will go to the file's list of @EXTRA names. When those names are used, it cycles back to the beginning of the original list, so (e.g.) the first French city built after the exhaustion of the extra names would be called "Paris" again.

Cities can be easily renamed upon creation and, unlike Civ I, a rename button appears in the bottom-right corner of the city display.

The default lists can be modified, but city names should be no longer than 15 characters. There is also a hard limit to the number of entries. There should be no more than 254 entries when civilizations' specific entries are combined TOGETHER with the list of extra names.

Extra listEdit

The default extra cities list includes a few major battle sites along with cities in Canada, Australia, Italy, and some minor European states:

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