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The City Center is the main District District of a city in Civilization VI. It is built automatically upon founding a city with a Settler.

  • Effects:
    • Concentrates the control structure of this city; controls all its production and purchasing activities.
    • Spawns all units the city produces or purchases (unless an appropriate specialty district has been built).
    • Acquires Outer Defenses and Ranged Strike once Walls have been built.
    • Must have its HP reduced to 0 by a melee attack to capture the city.
    • After an Airport has been built and Rapid Deployment researched, land units may be Airlifted to and from this tile and adjacent ones.


The following buildings can be constructed in a City Center:



The City Center is the heart of a city, and is built as soon as the city is founded. It possesses health and a defense value, and if Walls are present, can perform a ranged attack against intruders. If the City Center falls to invasion, the city in its entirety is considered captured.

Most civilian units will be spawned here upon production or acquisition, and so will all support units. If no Encampment district exists for this city, military units will spawn here as well. If the city is founded on a coastline, naval units can be created here even without a Harbor district. However, if a Harbor district exists, naval units will be built there instead. Also, the City Center can house 1 aircraft.

Since the City Center is still considered a district, any districts constructed next to it will gain the respective adjacency bonus.

If the City Center is flooded, it is not possible to complete any building or project in the City Center, including a Flood Barrier.

Civilopedia entry[]

The political, cultural, historical, commercial, and geographic heart of a city ... at least, that's the theory. In different areas of the world, as villages grew into towns and towns into cities, different aspects of these symbiotic qualities of civilization became emphasized, usually without forethought. A lot is revealed about a people by wandering around the city center. Rarely do folk actually live in the city center (until the advent of skyscrapers and condos); instead it is the "downtown" where the personality of the city is on display, with its spectacular monuments, grand parks, towering offices, pretentious government buildings, and the like. Often it encompasses the first settled part (the simple homes now leveled by urban renewal) and so is the most historic district of the now sprawling city.


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