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City Patron Goddess is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases the Production Production toward District Districts by 25% in cities that do not yet have a specialty district.


This pantheon has a number of ways to be of use, such as:

  1. Doing a semi-expansionist Religious Victory to build Holy Sites in small far-flung colonial cities to be used as healing sites for your religious army.
  2. Building many Commercial Hubs or Harbors for Trade Route Trade Route spamming.
  3. Building many Theater Squares for spamming Archaeological Museums for a Culture Victory.
  4. Triggering Culture Bombs from Poland's Encampments, the Khmer's Holy Sites, or Dutch Harbors.
  5. Building several districts without finishing any of them completely, then finishing them one by one. This way every district will get the 25% discount; however, it has the downside of not giving you the bonuses of the finished districts until they've all been completed.
  6. Developing special purpose cities in the mid- to late game (e.g. founding a city simply to take advantage of a perfect Campus location).

This pantheon is also especially powerful for civilizations with a strong unique district, which is most likely the first one to be erected in a new city - notably, England with the Royal Navy Dockyard, Phoenicia with the Cothon, and Mali with the Suguba. However, as most unique districts have a lower Production Production cost, you won't be getting the full benefit of this pantheon.

This pantheon isn't so useful for conquerors, as the cities you capture will usually have a specialty district already.

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