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City ruins (Civ5)

City Ruins next to a unit and some pillaged improvements.

City Ruins are the remains of destroyed cities. Not to be confused with Ancient Ruins.

Game Info[]

City Ruins are the remnants of cities destroyed in the game. They are of no particular value in themselves, but they often sit atop valuable locations. A Worker may clean up a City Ruin or simply replace it with another improvement.

Choosing the "Raze City" option at any time after you have successfully occupied a city (except for an original Capital Capital or a city-state) will set fire to it, reducing its 20xPopulation5 Population by 1 per turn. When the city's 20xPopulation5 Population reaches zero, it will be removed from the map and replaced by City Ruins.

If nuclear weaponry is used on cities with little defense and hit points, they will be instantly destroyed and turned into City Ruins.

In Brave New World, upon the discovery of Archaeology, City Ruins can be turned into an Archaeological Dig site that can be converted into a Landmark or dug for cultural Artifacts. Depending on what is chosen, this will produce either Culture Culture or Tourism Tourism.

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