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City of Wonder was a web browser game produced by Playdom, available to all members of Facebook (launched around 17 August 2010). Much of it was based on the Civilization series, but there were elements of Travian and other games, as well as gifting and other features that made use of a player's "friendships," features found in many Facebook games.

Playdom announced the closure of all online games on its website in April 2014, and the studio itself closed in September 2016. Consequently, City of Wonder has been discontinued.

Forge of Empires has many similarities with City of Wonder.


Stone Age[]

Pottery, Domestication, The Wheel, Militia, Mysticism, Writing, Agriculture.

Bronze Age[]

Masonry, Craftsmanship, Horse Riding, Trade, Bronze Work, Leadership, Religion, Mathematics, Literature, Map Making, Irrigation, Fermentation.

Classical Age[]

Construction, Art, Cavalry, Currency, Iron Working, Weaponry, Feudalism, Law, Theology, University, Drama, Navigation, Steam Power.

Enlightened Age[]

Engineering, Tactics, Wealth, Economics, Machinery, Gun Powder, Government, Police, Printing, Science, Music, Exploration.

Industrial Age[]

Mobile Infantry, Corporations, Manufacturing, Combustion, Explosives, Diplomacy, Mass Media, Medicine, Electricity, Flight.

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