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Civilization II: Test of Time, released in 1999, is a turn-based strategy game similar to the best-selling game Civilization II. Test of Time's central innovation was the addition of multiple maps and the inclusion of two campaigns concerning science fiction and fantasy themes.

Test of Time includes an exact replica of the old Civilization II campaign, with only a few minor changes. Cosmetically, however, it looks quite different, with all-new art and animated units. Test of Time also offers the option to undertake the Extended Original campaign, which is identical to the Original except that the "pink" slot for a civilization is occupied by aliens on Alpha Centauri. When one builds the Alpha Centauri spaceship, instead of ending the game, it unlocks a secondary tech tree and allows the player to battle the Centaurians.

There is also a Fantasy game (along with a more detailed Midgard Scenario), along with a whole new tech tree. You can play as either the Buteos (bird people), Merfolk, Goblins, Stygian (undead), Elves, Human, or Infidels. There are four map layers of the word: sky, surface, underwater, and underground.

There is also a Science Fiction game, about human colonists and aliens both stranded in the Lalande star system after connect. Either a human or alien civilization can be selected, but along with the new tech tree there are some human-only techs and some alien-only techs. Players progress through three planets of the Lalande system, and an orbital platform area, unlocking secrets to a lost civilization while advancing technologically and attempting to return "home." Along the way, the humans and aliens morph into one hybrid species named Proteans.



Civilization 2- Test of Time - Intro Cinematic

Intro for Civilization II: Test of Time

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