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June's Featured Article

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4 July 2010
The merging of this wiki, the Civilization V Wiki and the general Civilization wiki is being discussed at the latter one. Soon we will probably have just one large wiki for everything Civ!
13 May 2010
A Civilization V Wiki was recently started! It probably won't have much content before the game is released, which won't be for a few months, but do, for example, add news items about whatever Civilization V related interesting material you can find!
11 May 2010
If you pre-purchase Civilization V from Steam, you'll get some bonus content when the game launches in fall. :)
10 April 2010
A new, nice and blue skin called monaco-sapphire was deployed to this wiki.
18 February 2010
Big news! Civilization V will be released in fall 2010! This means, of course, that you should start playing Civ IV to freshen up your skills for the next edition of the series! :)
10 January 2010
The main page has been revamped and a featured article box has been added to it!
1 January 2010
Happy New Year!! Let's see if we can hit the 1000 article milestone this year. :)
8 April 2009
This wiki now holds more than 700 articles! Our most recent additions concern the Final Frontier mod. For example, the list of Final Frontier technologies has been completed.
19 February 2009
Articles about all the Corporations have been created.
Corporate strategy article weighing the benefits of each and which combinations work best* is currently being worked on! *opinion
18 February 2009
Articles about all the specialists have been created.
17 February 2009
Articles about all the promotions have been created!


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