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Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords is an expansion pack to Civilization IV. Released on July 24, 2006, it offers many additions to Civilization IV including Vassal States, six new civilizations, new leader traits, new units, three new wonders, unique buildings for every civilization, and eight new scenarios.

New content[]


Civilization Leader Leader Traits Favored Civic Starting Techs Unique Unit Unique Building
Carthage Hannibal Charismatic, Financial Free Market Fishing, Mining Numidian Cavalry Cothon
Celts Brennus Spiritual, Charismatic Organized Religion Mysticism, Hunting Gallic Warrior Dun
Korea Wang Kon Financial, Protective Caste System Mysticism, Mining Hwacha Seowon
Ottomans Mehmed II Expansive, Organized Vassalage The Wheel, Agriculture Janissary Hammam
Vikings Ragnar Aggressive, Financial Hereditary Rule Fishing, Hunting Berserker Trading Post
Zulu Shaka Aggressive, Expansive Police State Agriculture, Hunting Impi Ikhanda

New leaders for existing civilizations[]

Civilization Leader Leader Traits Favorite Civic
England Winston Churchill Charismatic, Protective Nationhood
Rome Augustus Caesar Creative, Organized Representation
Egypt Ramesses II Industrious, Spiritual Organized Religion
Russia Joseph Stalin Aggressive, Industrious State Property

Leader traits[]

Trait Properties Double production speed for
Charismatic -
Imperialistic Great General emergence rate increased 100 percent Settler
Protective Archery and Gunpowder Units receive Drill I and City Garrison I automatically Walls and Castle

Existing leaders[]

For the Warlords expansion pack, the traits of certain leaders were changed:

Civilization Leader New traits Old traits
Russian Catherine Imperialistic, Creative Financial, Creative
Persian Cyrus Imperialistic, Charismatic Creative, Expansive
German Frederick Organized, Philosophical Organized, Creative
Indian Gandhi Spiritual, Philosophical Spiritual, Industrious
Mongolian Genghis Khan Aggressive, Imperialistic Aggressive, Expansive
Incan Huayna Capac Financial, Industrious Financial, Aggressive
Roman Julius Caesar Organized, Imperialistic Organized, Expansive
Chinese Mao Zedong Expansive, Protective Organized, Philosophical
French Napoleon Organized, Charismatic Aggressive, Industrious
Chinese Qin Shi Huang Industrious, Protective Industrious, Financial
Arabian Saladin Spiritual, Protective Spiritual, Philosophical
Japanese Tokugawa Aggressive, Protective Aggressive, Organized
English Victoria Financial, Imperialistic Financial, Expansive
American Washington Expansive, Charismatic Financial, Organized







Civilization 4- Warlords Intro (2006, Firaxis)

Intro for Civilization IV: Warlords

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