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This was the front page of the original wiki before merger. For hundreds of current pages about the game, see Civilization V.

Welcome to the Civilization V Wiki!

The wiki about Civilization V

This wiki will act as an extended online edition of Civilopedia and will also contain lots of additional material such as information about strategies and modding. This wiki looks up at the Civilization IV Wiki as its role model but will surpass it in both quality and quantity!


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20 June 2010
GameSpot has a new article on Civilization V, full of new, interesting details!
12 June 2010
The official Civilization V website is now live! The site includes, for example, the first episode of the Civ5 podcast!
16 May 2010
Daav Puke from Bitmob has written an Open Letter To Sid Meier regarding Civilization V.
13 May 2010
The TV Tropes site has an entire article listing the various tropes found on the Civilization series. It's pretty interesting and funny. :)
11 May 2010
Civilization V can be pre-purchased from Steam! Get it now and you will get some bonus content when the game launches in fall. :)