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Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is the second expansion pack released for Civilization VI, following Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Gathering Storm was announced in a Firaxis livestream on November 20, 2018. It was released for Windows on February 14, 2019, for iOS on November 20, 2019, and for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on November 22, 2019.


Full list of features, as taken from the Steam announcement:

  • Environmental effects: Volcanoes, storms (blizzards, dust storms, tornadoes, hurricanes), climate change, floods, and droughts.
  • Power and consumable resources: Strategic resources play an additional role in Gathering Storm. These resources are now consumed in power plants to generate Power (Civ6) Power for your cities. Initially you'll be powering your most advanced buildings by burning carbon-based resources like Coal (Civ6) Coal and Oil (Civ6) Oil, but renewable energy sources also unlock as you progress to current-day technologies. Your choices about resource usage will directly affect the world's temperature and can cause melting ice caps and rising sea levels.
  • Engineering projects: Shape the world around your empire to overcome unfavorable land conditions by making improvements like canals, dams, tunnels and railroads. When settling cities, consider the flood risk to coastal lowland areas, but keep in mind that in the late-game, new technologies like Flood Barriers can be used to protect these tiles.
  • World Congress: Make your voice heard among the other leaders of the world. Earn Diplomatic Favor (Civ6) Diplomatic Favor through Alliances, influencing city-states, competing in World Games, and more. Use Diplomatic Favor (Civ6) Diplomatic Favor to extract promises from other leaders, vote on Resolutions, call a Special Session to address an emergency, and increase the weight of your votes in your quest to achieve the new Diplomatic Victory.
  • 21st Century technologies & civics: A new era has been added to the Technology and Civics trees. Combat new environmental effects with speculative ideas such as relocating your population out to seasteads and developing technologies to recapture carbon emissions.
  • New leaders and civs: Nine new leaders from eight new civilizations are introduced. Each brings unique bonuses and gameplay, as well as a total of nine unique units, four unique buildings, three unique improvements, two unique districts and one unique governor.
  • New scenarios:
    • The Black Death: The Black Death ravaged Europe and western Asia in the mid-14th century, killing a greater share of the population than any other event in world history. The pandemic killed millions, ruined economies, upended political dynasties and transformed the face of the Western world. Your task is to lead your nation through the calamity: keep your population alive, your economy strong, and your faith unshaken amidst a world of terror and desperation.
    • War Machine: At the outset of WWI, the German Imperial Army had a daring plan: invade neutral Belgium and then rush the French heartland before they could mobilize to resist. If successful, the German forces would capture Paris within a month and end their resistance forever. In counter, the French command prepared Plan 17, an all-out onslaught designed to meet and stop a German offensive. When war was declared, both armies swung into motion and set up one of the most incredible and shocking military campaigns in world history. In this scenario, players take the side of one of these two great powers at this same precipice. As Germany, your task is to capture Paris. As France, your task is to prevent its capture. The clock is ticking, and the enemy is moving. Advance!
  • More new content: Seven new world wonders, seven natural wonders, 18 new units, 15 new improvements, 9 new buildings, 5 new districts, 2 new city sets, 9 new techs and 10 new civics have been added.
    • Great Bath, an ancient-era floodplains wonder that grants bonus amenities and housing, as well as immunity to flood damage in city tiles, and faith where flood damage was prevented.
    • Országház, an industrial-era river-tile wonder that provides culture and diplomatic favour each turn when suzerain of a city state.
    • Machu Picchu, which provides gold, as well as adjacency bonuses for commercial, industrial, and theater districts next to mountains.
    • Golden Gate Bridge, which is a modern-era wonder that must be built between two coasts, boosts tourism from national parks and tile improvements, as well as granting amenities and tile appeal.
    • Panama Canal, which, in addition to functioning as a canal, provides bonus gold for trade units that pass through.
    • University of Sankore, a desert / desert hills medieval wonder that adds faith and science to domestic trade routes, and trade routes from other civilizations provide extra science and gold.
    • Meenakshi Temple, which grants free Gurus and gives them the ability to boost movement and combat of adjacent religious units.
  • Improved gameplay systems: The Espionage system has been enhanced with new options, the Culture and Science Victories have been updated, new Historic Moments have been added, and additional improvements have been made to other existing systems. In addition, Warmonger score has been replaced with Grievances.

Civilizations Edit

Gathering Storm Leaders and Civilizations
Icon Civilization Leader(s) Civilization Ability Leader Ability Unique Unit Unique Infrastructure
Hungarian (Civ6) Hungarian Matthias Corvinus (Civ6)
Matthias Corvinus
Pearl of the Danube

+50% Civ6Production Production for districts and buildings built across a river from a City Center.

Raven King

Levied city-state units receive +2 Civ6Movement Movement and +5 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength, and can be upgraded at a 75% discount in Civ6Gold Gold or resources. Levying troops from a city-state grants 2 Envoy6 Envoys with that city-state. Gain the Black Army unique unit with Castles.

Huszár Thermal Bath
Māori (Civ6) Māori Kupe (Civ6)

Starts the game with Sailing and Shipbuilding unlocked and the ability to enter Ocean tiles. Embarked units gain +5 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength and +2 Civ6Movement Movement. Unimproved Woods and Rainforest provide +1 Civ6Production Production, increased to +2 with Conservation. Fishing Boats provide +1 Civ6Food Food. Building a Fishing Boat triggers a Culture Bomb, claiming surrounding tiles. Resources cannot be harvested. Writer6 Great Writers cannot be earned.

Kupe's Voyage

Starts the game in the Ocean. +2 Civ6Science Science and +2 Civ6Culture Culture per turn before the first city is settled. Their first settled city receives a free Builder and +1 Citizen6 Population. The Palace grants +3 Housing6 Housing and +1 Amenities6 Amenity.

Toa Marae
Canadian (Civ6) Canadian Wilfrid Laurier (Civ6)
Wilfrid Laurier
Four Faces of Peace

Cannot declare Surprise Wars or war on City-States. Surprise Wars cannot be declared on Canada. For every 100 Tourism6 Tourism earned, gain 1 Diplomatic Favor. +100% Diplomatic Favor gained from successfully completing Emergencies or Scored Competitions.

The Last Best West

Can build Farms on Tundra tiles, and on Tundra Hills tiles with Civil Engineering. Purchasing Snow, Snow Hills, Tundra Hills, and Tundra tiles is 50% cheaper. +100% extraction rate of accumulated resources, Mines and Lumber Mills receive 1 extra Civ6Production Production and Camps 1 extra Civ6Food Food on Snow, Snow Hills, Tundra Hills, and Tundra tiles.

Mountie Ice Hockey Rink
Incan (Civ6) Incan Pachacuti (Civ6)

Citizens may work Mountain tiles. Mountain tiles provide +2 Civ6Production Production, and +1 Civ6Food Food for each adjacent Terrace Farm.

Qhapaq Ñan

Domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes gain +1 Civ6Food Food for every Mountain tile in the origin city. Gain the Qhapaq Ñan unique improvement with Foreign Trade.

Warak'aq Terrace Farm
Malian (Civ6) Malian Mansa Musa (Civ6)
Mansa Musa
Songs of the Jeli

City Centers receive +1 Civ6Faith Faith and +1 Civ6Food Food for every adjacent Desert and Desert Hills tiles. Mines receive +4 Civ6Gold Gold and -1 Civ6Production Production. May purchase Commercial Hub buildings with Civ6Faith Faith. -30% Civ6Production Production towards buildings and units.

Sahel Merchants

International Trade Routes gain +1 Civ6Gold Gold for every flat Desert tile in the origin city. Entering a Golden Age permanently grants +1 TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity.

Mandekalu Cavalry Suguba
Swedish (Civ6) Swedish Kristina (Civ6)
Nobel Prize

Gains 50 Diplomatic Favor whenever a Great Person is earned. +1 Engineer6 Great Engineer points from Factories and +1 Scientist6 Great Scientist points from Universities. Sweden's presence in the game adds three unique World Congress competitions in the Industrial Era.

Minerva of the North

Buildings with at least three Great Work slots and wonders with at least two Great Work slots are automatically themed when all slots are filled. Gains the Queen's Bibliotheque unique building in the Government Plaza.

Carolean Open-Air Museum
Ottoman (Civ6) Ottoman Suleiman (Civ6)
Great Turkish Bombard

+50% Civ6Production Production toward Siege units. Siege units gain +5 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength when attacking defensible districts. Conquering a city doesn't cause that city to lose Citizen6 Population. +1 Amenities6 Amenity and +4 Loyalty per turn for cities not founded by the Ottomans.

Grand Vizier

Has access to a unique Governor, Ibrahim, the Grand Vizier. Gain the Janissary unique unit with Gunpowder.

Barbary Corsair Grand Bazaar
Phoenician (Civ6) Phoenician Dido (Civ6)
Mediterranean Colonies

Starts with the Eureka6 Eureka for Writing. Coastal cities founded by Phoenicia and in the same continent as their Capital6 Capital always have full Loyalty. Settlers receive +2 Civ6Movement movement and sight radius while embarked, and pay no Civ6Movement movement costs to embark or disembark.

Founder of Carthage

Cities with a Cothon gain the unique Move Capital project, which moves the Phoenician Capital6 Capital to that city. Gains +1 TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity after building the Government Plaza or any Government Plaza building. +50% Civ6Production Production towards districts in the city with the Government Plaza.

Bireme Cothon
English (Civ6) English Eleanor of Aquitaine (Civ6)
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Workshop of the World

Iron and Coal Mines accumulate +1 more resource per turn. +100% Civ6Production Production towards Military Engineers. Military Engineers gain +2 charges. Buildings that provide additional yields when powered receive +4 of their respective yields. +20% Civ6Production Production towards Industrial Zone buildings. Harbor buildings grant +10 Strategic Resource stockpiles.

Court of Love

Each Great Work in her cities causes foreign cities within 9 tiles to lose 1 Loyalty per turn. Any foreign city that leaves its civilization due to loss of Loyalty and is receiving the most Loyalty pressure from Eleanor instantly joins her empire, instead of becoming a Free City.

Sea Dog Royal Navy Dockyard
French (Civ6) French Grand Tour

+20% Civ6Production Production towards Medieval, Renaissance and Industrial Era Wonders. Double Tourism6 Tourism from Wonders of any Era.

Garde Impériale Château

New Global Content Edit

Gathering Storm Non-unique units
Unit Type Era Description
Courser (Civ6)
Light Cavalry Medieval Fast Civ6Movement Movement Light Cavalry unit that upgrades from Horseman and to Cavalry
Cuirassier (Civ6)
Heavy Cavalry Industrial Fast Civ6Movement Movement Heavy Cavalry unit that upgrades from Knight and to Tank
Giant Death Robot (Civ6)
Giant Death Robot
GDR Information Late game super-unit that can unlock more power by researching Future Era Technologies
Rock Band (Civ6)
Rock Band
Civilian Atomic Late game civilian unit that can spread Tourism6 Tourism to other civilizations
Skirmisher (Civ6)
Recon Medieval Recon unit that has 1 Civ6Range Ranged attack, upgrades from Scout and to Ranger
Gathering Storm Wonders
Wonder Era Description
Golden Gate Bridge (Civ6)
Golden Gate Bridge
Great Bath (Civ6)
Great Bath
  • +3 Housing6 Housing.
  • +1 Amenities6 Amenity from entertainment.
  • Floodplains tiles along the river containing this wonder are now immune to Flood damage.
  • -50% Civ6Production Production and Civ6Food Food yields from Flood damage.
  • +1 Civ6Faith Faith to the yields of a tile belonging to this city for every time it has been Flooded.
Machu Picchu (Civ6)
Machu Picchu
Meenakshi Temple (Civ6)
Meenakshi Temple
Országház (Civ6)
Panama Canal (Civ6)
Panama Canal
  • Upon completion, 1 or 2 adjacent Canal districts are automatically constructed.
  • The Canal Wonder tile can now be crossed by naval units.
  • +10 Civ6Gold Gold.
University of Sankore (Civ6)
University of Sankore
  • +3 Civ6Science Science
  • +1 Civ6Faith Faith
  • +2 Scientist6 Great Scientist points per turn
  • Other Civilizations' TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to this city provide +1 Civ6Science Science and +1 Civ6Gold Gold for them
  • +2 Civ6Science Science for every TradeRoute6 Trade Route to this city
  • Domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes gives an additional +1 Civ6Faith Faith to this city
Gathering Storm Terrain features
Feature Yield Tile type Notes
Geothermal Fissure (Civ6)
Geothermal Fissure
+1 Civ6Science Science Any flat or hill terrain Major adjacency bonus to Campuses. Can be improved by Geothermal Plants.
Volcano (Civ6)
N/A Mountain Function as a mountain, but may erupt.
Volcanic Soil (Civ6)
Volcanic Soil
Variable Any tiles around a Volcano after an eruption Provide additional yields. Can be improved by both Farms or Mines.
Gathering Storm Natural Wonders
Wonders Effect Size Tile type
Chocolate Hills (Civ6)
Chocolate Hills
1 Civ6Food Food, 2 Civ6Production Production, and 1 Civ6Science Science on wonder tiles 4 tiles, passable
Gobustan (Civ6)
3 Civ6Culture Culture and 1 Civ6Production Production on wonder tiles 3 tiles, passable
Ik-Kil (Civ6)
50% Civ6Production Production when building wonders and districts next to it 1 tile, impassable Rainforest
Mato Tipila (Civ6)
Mato Tipila
+1 Civ6Faith Faith and +1 Civ6Production Production to adjacent tiles 1 tile, impassable
Mount Vesuvius (Civ6)
Mount Vesuvius
+1 Civ6Production Production to adjacent tiles 1 tile, impassable Volcano
Pamukkale (Civ6)
+1 Amenities6 Amenity, or +2 Amenities6 Amenities if the wonder is adjacent to an Entertainment Complex, also provides major a Adjacency bonus to Campus, Theatre Square, and Commercial Hub districts and Fresh Water 2 tiles, impassable
Sahara el Beyda (Civ6)
Sahara el Beyda
1 Civ6Science Science, 1 Civ6Culture Culture, and 4 Civ6Gold Gold on wonder tiles 4 tiles, passable Desert
Gathering Storm Non-unique Districts and Buildings
District Function Buildings
Dam (Civ6)
Prevent Floods Hydroelectric Dam (Civ6) Hydroelectric Dam
Canal (Civ6)
Industrial Zone (Civ6)
Industrial Zone
(New buildings not district)
Civ6Production Production and Power (Civ6) Power Coal Power Plant (Civ6) Coal Power Plant

Oil Power Plant (Civ6) Oil Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant (Civ6) Nuclear Power Plant

City Center (Civ6)
City Center
(New buildings not district)
Flood Barrier (Civ6) Flood Barrier
Gathering Storm Non-unique Tile Improvements
Tile Improvement Terrain Yield Modifier and Notes
Geothermal Plant (Civ6)
Geothermal Plant
Geothermal Fissure +2 Civ6Production Production,
+1 Civ6Science Science,
+4 Power (Civ6) Power
Mountain Tunnel (Civ6)
Mountain Tunnel
Mountain Allows units to move into it and exit through another Mountain Tunnel at the cost of 2 Civ6Movement Movement. Built by Military Engineer.

Cannot be pillaged or removed.

Offshore Wind Farm (Civ6)
Offshore Wind Farm
Lake, Coast, Ocean +1 Civ6Production Production,
+1 Civ6Gold Gold,
+2 Power (Civ6) Power
Railroad (Civ6)
0.25 Civ6Movement Movement.
Seastead (Civ6)
Lake, Coast, Ocean +2 Civ6Food Food

+1 Civ6Production Production from each adjacent Fishing Boat. Fishing Boats receive +1 Civ6Production Production from each adjacent Seastead.

+1 Civ6Culture Culture and Tourism6 Tourism for each adjacent Reef.

+2 Housing6 Housing.

Ski Resort (Civ6)
Ski Resort
Mountain Provides Tourism6 Tourism equal to the tile's Appeal.

+1  Amenities6 Amenity. Cannot be built next to another Ski Resort.

Solar Farm (Civ6)
Solar Farm
Flat land +1 Civ6Production Production,
+1 Civ6Gold Gold,
+2 Power (Civ6) Power
Wind Farm (Civ6)
Wind Farm
Hills +1 Civ6Production Production,
+1 Civ6Gold Gold,
+2 Power (Civ6) Power



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