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The February 7, 2018 Update for Civilization VI was released one day before the Rise and Fall expansion. The following is a complete list of change notes.

Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  • Rework start position algorithm to spread major powers evenly across the map first and then insert city-states in the margins. Results in improved distances between Civilizations and better quality for major civ start positions.
  • Add notification about production salvaged from a Wonder. Make sure that production is credited.

Balance changes[edit | edit source]

  • Diplomatic actions now scale with game speed.
  • Government Policies that increase production on Melee class units now include Anti-Cavalry class units.
  • Change tech boost for Steel to add a soft prerequisite that hints you probably want Ironclads before Destroyers.
  • Barbarian difficulty has been updated to scale with each difficulty level. (Warlord, Prince, King etc...)
  • Healing plunder reward from Farms reduced from 100 to 50.
  • Sack’ government policy has been removed and its effects have been added to the ‘Raid’ policy.
  • Naval combat changes – Bombard land units are now more effective against naval units, Ranged land units are less effective against naval units.
  • Pillage rewards are now displayed in the tooltip of the Pillage action button.
  • Boost number of random Apostle Promotions from 2 to 3.
  • Reduce Science per population from 0.7 down to 0.5.
  • Great Admirals and Great Generals have a combat bonus and a movement bonus, they no longer stack.
  • Gold and Faith rewards from Tribal Villages now scale with Game Speed.

General bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Apostles could run out of random promotions to choose from.
  • If a spy is traveling to a city that changes hands, abort travel and return them to your capital.
  • Warrior Monks now benefit from Great Generals and can earn the Spear of Fionn promotion.
  • Abundant resource will spawn sea luxuries.
  • Units levied from a city-state will now retain any promotions earned while controlled by a player.
  • Fixed several issues with obsolete units appearing in the production menu for a city.
  • Fortified units will now properly ‘wake up’ after being attacked.
  • Fortified or Sleeping units that have been expelled from a city will now properly ‘wake up’.
  • Support units can now be levied from City-States.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Ranged Cavalry class units from receiving the combat bonus from the Spear of Fionn ability.
  • Fixed an issue with embarked units not being able to heal in friendly territory.
  • Properly abort all spy missions if a city changes hands.
  • Fixed an issue that caused zone of control UI to show between religious units of the same player.
  • Properly update siege status of a city when units die, are deleted, etc.
  • Don't award a Spread Religion charge to Gurus from the Mosque.
  • Make sure losing Kandy as an ally doesn't interfere with the Reliquaries belief.

AI[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the AI to send multiple spies on the same mission.
  • AI will look at graphic change on spaceports, and can target their spies to spaceports that are performing their science victory projects.
  • Improved opportunity cost considerations for district placement.
  • Improve ability to place / use aqueducts.
  • AI knows to move builders back into their territory if they get caught outside.
  • AI will not complain about stealth units it can't see being too close to its border.
  • AI is much less likely to trade its cities away as part of a peace deal.
  • Improved resource trading, AI considers luxury resources it is currently importing.
  • Improved new city placement, also fixed issues where the settler would try to travel through hostile territory to get an escort.
  • AI prefers garrisoning ranged units over melee.
  • If the AI can capture, or significantly damage, a target city, it may ignore hostile units nearby to do that.
  • Fixed coordinating ranged attacks.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

  • Changing default Resources option to Standard for multiplayer. There is a map generation issue where setting Resources to Abundant and StartPosition to Balanced results in civ starting positions being too close together.
  • Players could not ready up when dirty from another match.
  • Improved stability when players connect to or disconnect from launching games.
  • Pausing the game could desync multiplayer games.
  • Missing official content icon was not working in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Improved stability when game host leaves game in multiplayer.
  • Made sure you can't declare war on a Teammate.

Civ-specific bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Properly credit Kongo with 1 Culture, 1 Tourism if multiple works from the same artist are in the Palace.
  • Don't give the Hansa bonuses for adjacent Antiquity Sites/Shipwrecks.
  • Allow India to train Warrior Monks if 1 follower of that religion is in the city.
  • Fix Arabia's unique ability so only FOREIGN cities following their religion that add Science.
  • If the Kongo captures a city-state, don't let them grab a Holy Site.

User interface improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Show turns until Anarchy clears.
  • Show turns until Friendship lapses.
  • Defeated notification indicates whether a city-state or full civ was eliminated.
  • Remove warmonger information on the Keep City dialog if city received in a trade.
  • Only allow religious units to Rest/Repair on tiles where they are close enough to a Holy Site to actually heal.
  • Do not hide Casus Belli sub-menu if a denouncement has not occurred (so the reason that war can't be declared is clearer to the player).
  • Show turns until Denouncement clears.
  • Correct timing of Culture Victory imminent message.
  • Add notification if an enemy spy escaped your police.
  • Emphasized several notifications indicating negative effects on the player.
  • Civilopedia bug fixes and improvements.
  • Trade Route panel bug fixes and improvements.
  • Corrected an Issue where incorrect team numbers were displayed.
  • Add whether or not an original capital was conquered or not to the associated gossip message.
  • Show requirements for each Casus Belli when that option is grayed out.
  • Fixed map pin corruption when deleting and adding map pins.
  • Version mismatched games are colored differently in multiplayer lobby.
  • If multiple players are affected by a nuclear attack, the Declare War warning dialog will now appropriately list all players involved.
  • Always show the player's own cities first in the list of trade route destinations.

Art[edit | edit source]

  • New Barbarian Scout skin.
  • Animation fix for Gorgo.

Writing[edit | edit source]

  • Various text updates and bug fixes.

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