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The January 2021 Update for Civilization VI was released on January 28th, 2021. The update was released simultaneously with the Vietnam & Kublai Khan. The following is a complete list of change notes.



  • Recruit Partisans spy operation can no longer be started if the Neighborhood is pillaged. In the case where there happen to be multiple Neighborhoods, the operation is disallowed if any of them are pillaged.

Byzantium and Gaul Pack[]

  • Fixed a bug where any unit becomes able to melee attack walls at full strength after Byzantium builds at least 1 Cavalry-class unit.

Babylon Pack[]

  • Hero Relics will appear in the next available city if a Hero’s home city is full.
  • Fixed an issue where claiming any Hero would unlock the Steel-Driving Man achievement.
  • Fixed an issue causing Hero antiquity sites to spawn in mountains.
  • Fixed an issue where Hercules’ Rage could be used on a wonder.
  • Fixed an issue where Heroes would return to ancient era strength after loading a save.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Killed popup would not display after a Hero was killed by an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get multiple free technologies from building the Mahavihara after repeatedly becoming the suzerain of Nalanda.

Pirates scenario[]

  • Players can no longer coastal raid their own improvements.
  • Reworked how unit waves are refreshed so they refresh properly when the local player changes.
  • Treasure fleets will no longer spawn in cities while a player’s units are nearby.
  • Clearing a Buccaneer camp rewards Infamous Pirate points instead of treasure points.
  • Edited scoring description to clarify when actions apply to land or sea units.
  • Fixed an issue where removing the Bonny Brace of Pistols relic would break a unit’s move-and-attack promotion.

Red Death scenario[]

  • Raider Zombie Hordes now suffer from zombie decay and can create additional zombie hordes through combat kits.
  • Allow Supply Drops, Grieving Gifts, and Improvised Traps to be placed on floodplains.
  • Various text updates.


  • A popup has been implemented when an invalid combination of parameters is selected in Advanced Setup.
  • Fixed an issue where the deal table UI would appear with incorrect and overlapping buttons.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent menu functionality occurring when meeting a civ and discovering a natural wonder at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where making an Alliance with an AI caused other Deal buttons to stop functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where an "Are You Sure" prompt would fail to appear when selecting the "Stop Asking" diplomacy option after receiving Diplomatic Interactions from the AI during gameplay.
  • Modified end game graph to appropriately be displayed based on selected resolution.
  • Various text updates


  • Fixed an issue where the AI would make invalid trades.
  • Raised priority of aircraft for AI
  • Improved use of aircraft in combat for AI


  • Fixed a hang that could occur if a player paused the game while other players were submitting World Congress choices.


  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when building a Harbor District next to a city.
  • Fixed various crashes



  • Fixed an issue where text is small in various locations throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the title could hang for an extended period of time when a user enters the next turn in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Loading, please wait…” appears small right after selecting Play Now.
  • Fixed an issue where the Technology Tree or Civics Tree filter list overlaps the Pause Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the “Treasure Located!” Notifications doesn’t disappear after the treasure is plundered in the Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pirate Relics menu displays behind the notification panel in the Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Infamous Pirate Spotted notification does not pan the camera to the infamous pirate tiles in the Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the left tray would overlap the Crew Morale in the Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Diplomatic Favor and Gold an opponent has is not present in the trade menu after changing relationships with that Civilization
  • Fixed an issue where the Turn until Established and Loyalty icons are present on Secret Societies Governor panels on the Governors menu.
  • Fixed an issue where an extra symbol appears on the Secret Societies Governor’s portrait.
  • Fixed an issue where some resource icons are misaligned in the Reports menu.


  • Fixed an issue where the text would overlap on the Great People menu in some localizations.
  • Fixed an issue where the background of the Governors menu appears corrupt.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips overlap in the right tray when the Show Yields in HUD Ribbons is set to Always Hide [off] in the Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue with text overrunning the spaces provided in various locations throughout the game.
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