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The November 2020 Update for Civilization VI was released on November 19th, 2020. The update was released simultaneously with the Babylon Pack. The following is a complete list of change notes.


  • General Updates
    • Replace the old Babylon City-State with the Anshan City-State
    • Fixed an issue where Democracy and Theocracy bonuses were not affecting districts.
    • Fixed an issue where making a new alliance would remove all foreign spies, as opposed to just the spies from the new ally. A new notification for this event has been added.
    • The maximum number of Governors a player can have has been increased to accommodate additional Governors that can be obtained from Civ unique bonuses and the Secret Societies game mode.
    • Fixed an issue that would occur when the player had Policy slots open but could not fill them.
  • Ethiopia Pack
    • [Rise and Fall] Fixed an issue where the Ley Line bonus in Secret Societies was applying more than it should to Great People earned.
    • Updated Ley Line adjacency bonus descriptions in the Civilopedia during Secret Society gameplay.
    • Added Ley Lines to WorldBuilder maps.
  • Byzantium and Gaul Pack
    • Giant Death Robot now receives benefits from Byzantium's Taxis ability
    • Fixed an issue where Gaul's unique unit, the Gaesatae, was playing the Spearman death animation when the Sword unit was getting the kill.
    • Fixed Era Score meter in Dramatic Ages to work properly with non-zero bases.
    • Fixed an issue where the Venice City-State was not starting in the correct location for the TSL Europe map.
    • Ambiorix will no longer appear with the “Standing Army” Agenda.
  • Pirates scenario
    • Infamy points were incorrectly labeled when viewing the HUD Ribbon.
    • Fixed an issue in the Pirates scenario where the trader boats would change to modern boats after a certain amount of turns.
    • Fixed an issue where the Dowsing Rod would always be the last Relic to be discovered.
    • Fixed an issue where the Infamous Pirate Jack Rackham was not appearing.


  • Scouts will now try to avoid storms when auto-exploring.
  • Updated the Free City AI so it will no longer choose to purchase Builders when surrounded by enemy military units.
  • Placed a bigger emphasis on raiding for AI in Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes raze its only city.


  • Fixed an issue where the icons for Lavra, Street Carnival, Cothon, Suguba, Walled Quarter, Maize, and Honey were displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the user is unable to refuse a demand and trade from another leader.
  • The player names for unmet civilizations will no longer be shown during multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the Create Game menu would become offset.
  • The Religion Screen now guarantees beliefs to be in the order Worship, then Founder, then Enhancer.
  • Fixed text overlaps in Pirates scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where Casus Belli types were not listed when the user requested a Joint War with another player while in the Make Deal menu.
  • Various text updates


  • [XB1] Fixed an issue where the View Gamercard button did not have functionality on certain Notifications prompts in Multiplayer.
  • [PS4, XB1, Switch] Fixed an issue where quotes and titles from Great Works overran the backdrop in the Great Works gallery.
  • [PS4, XB1, Switch] Fixed an issue where the Oppidum district icon is small on the district banner.
  • [PS4, XB1] Fixed an issue on certain Achievement description localizations were incorrect in Russian.
  • [PS4, Switch] Fixed an issue where the game crashed when progressing to the next turn during a specific Hot Seat game setup.
  • [PS4, Switch] Fixed an issue where the game could crash when progressing to the next turn after changing to governments in scenario "Gifts of the Nile".
  • [PS4, XB1, Switch] Fixed an issue where some text overran the "Discovered A Society" popup in some localizations.
  • Various text updates
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