Featured content is any article the wiki community wants featured - this usually means it should be high-quality and interesting to readers.

Fandom/Wikia used to have a suggested featured article process so that the content can be streamed to external sites so you can get more hits - but maybe it has disappeared because adaptation for mobile viewers was too hard.

The process Edit

Unique template to displayEdit

Each featured article needs a page in template namespace (e.g. Template:FA/1, Template:FA/2, etc). The page should have three elements:

  1. H3 header teaser line (=== Teaser ===)
  2. Text describing this page - an excerpt/snippet from the page, etc. (make sure there is a link to the article)
    • must be on its own page in the template namespace
    • shouldn't be longer than 100-150 words
    • shouldn't contain fancy tags, such as <table/> or left/right aligned <div/>; templates etc. are OK
  3. An image - a visual teaser (-;
See examples at: (which has a teaser line, i.e. a made-up heading to catch reader attention)

List to keep trackEdit

A summary list of all Featured Articles:

  • This page should be Project:Featured_content, with a <ul/> or <ol/> list
  • Each list item<li/> element must contain:
    1. Link to featured article
    2. Link to the page that has a snippet (e.g Template:FA/1)
    3. Timestamp preserving a date when this piece was featured (eg. 2007-10-22)

On the Mass Effect Wiki, it starts like this:

== Format of list ==
The following format should be used:

# [[Title]] - [[Link]] - Featured on (date)

# [[Turian]] - [[Template:FA/1]] - 2007-10-21
# [[Krogan]] - [[Template:FA/2]] - 2007-10-22 & 2008-05-20

What we haveEdit

How we may proceedEdit

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