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As noted in our Freeciv article, Freeciv has its own wiki, part of the Wikia family though with a different license. Little point in duplicating it here even though it's part of the Civ family of games.

What we can usefully do here is have an individual page linking to each Freeciv page, so that our {{Overview}} pages can lead interested readers there. Our individual pages can fairly simply say something like this:

See [[w:c:freeciv:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|detail on the Freeciv Wiki]].
[[:Category:Freeciv link pages]]
[[:Category:Units (Freeciv)]]

Some of the Freeciv pages are not named the same as our equivalent overview pages, e.g. Freeciv Archers] vs. Civilization Archer. Two alternative solutions for that:

  1. Create a redirect from our standard pagename (e.g. Archer (Freeciv)) to a page here that does match the Freeciv site.
  2. Add the interwiki link directly on the overview page in a |freeciv=''See [[w:c:freeciv:Archers|archers]] on the Freeciv Wiki'' parameter, and create a dummy Archer (Freeciv) redirect to the Archer overview page with Category:Units (Freeciv).