Civilization Wiki

An overview page on this wiki can be:

  1. The page that gives a general overview of a particular game (much like - and sometimes largely copied from - the Wikipedia article)
  2. A page, e.g. Pikemen, that covers one small aspect of two or more games, indicating differences etc. while linking to the game-specific pages for full detail.

Game overviews[]

Most of our game overview pages came from Wikipedia (and should retain the acknowledgment template near the bottom). But we as specialists can say much more about each game without needing to observe the Wikipedia "notability" standard. The longer Wikipedia pages generally deserve to be split into sections, e.g. Gameplay (Civ4) with a few lines of summary in the head article and a link using {{Main}}.

Item overviews[]

The commoner type of overview page is now well established, linking units, wonders, buildings, and even city names or lists with the use of templates that are tricky to design but easy to use. Some of the templates are still being created or polished.

The result is that each such page should be able to have a common name with a brief note about how the item appears in specific games and links to the game-specific articles.

Where a game uses a slightly different term (e.g. Civ1's "RailRoad" where other games use "Railroad"), the overview page should have the commoner and/or shorter name so that people searching are more likely to find it if they don't know the precise name used in the game. A redirect can be created to take you from the template on the overview page to the game-specific name.

See also Forum:Game article separation and the cleverly-designed Template:Overview, which resulted from that forum discussion and makes it all easy.