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The Classical Era is the second era in Civilization IV and its expansions. It is preceded by the Ancient Era and succeeded by the Medieval Era. It starts in 2000 BC (Turn 50) in Normal Speed. This era represents the time period of Greco-Roman civilzation.


In this Era, more and more Units become available as players progress in the tech tree, such as Mounted and Siege Units, and more advanced Melee Units. Another Religion, Confucianism, is unlocked in the middle of this Era by Code of Laws Technology. At the start of this Era, Animals start to disappear. And, for peaceful players, many basic Buildings unlock, such as Market, Forge, and Colosseum. And lastly, many Wonders unlock, with powerful benefits.

Classical Era Start[]

When starting in the Classical Era, players start with:

The Start Year for games starting in Classical Era is: