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The Classical Era is an era that is based on the Greco-Roman period. It is the second era of the game.


"Proud is the spirit of Zeus-fostered kings – their honor comes from Zeus, and Zeus, god of council, loves them."
– Homer

"He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened."
– Lao-tzu

"The king's might is greater than human, and his arm is very long."
– Herodotus

Game Info[]

The Classical Era is time for expansion. You will establish more cities, produce Workers, continue improving your lands and connecting your cities with Roads. If you haven't already, establish trade routes and take care of your economy, because expenses will keep piling up! But remember that Barbarians still represent a threat, especially to your trade!

You should also attempt to create a Religion, and build some wonders.

You will now have access to the full tactical range of weapons in the game, including cavalry and siege engines. More aggressive civilizations will probably attack their neighbors, and you should get ready to defend your lands from invasions. Or (if you're the fighting type), you should invade your neighbors! Good luck in your first serious battles, general!




Other Properties[]

The Piety social policy tree is unlocked. (In Civilization V: Brave New World, the Aesthetics and Patronage trees are unlocked.)

When starting a game in the Classical Era, you receive one Settler, one Worker, two Spearmen, 100 Culture Culture, and 10 Gold Gold.

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