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The Classical Era is the second era in Civilization VI. It is preceded by the Ancient Era and followed by the Medieval Era.


From humble beginnings, you have shown remarkable growth. Leave your bronze for iron and rule with horse and sword. The sky above begins to reveal its secrets, a collection of heaven that uplifts our hearts and guides us to foreign shores.

Game InfoEdit

In the Classical Era you finish establishing your civilization, and you gain access to the first set of real governments which will allow you to streamline your further development. You should aim to progress beyond the basics: build more District (Civ6) Districts, found new cities, develop trade beyond that first route and ... conquer your neighbors, if that's your inclination! Technology has now progressed enough to give you all means for taking cities (including the first more advanced units, such as the Swordsman), and you should've dealt with those pesky barbarians around your starting location. Seafaring civilizations should concentrate on developing their navy and building Harbors. And yes, you should Found your Religion, if you can.

Classical Era start Edit

Technologies Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Celestial Navigation (Civ6)
Celestial Navigation


Improve 2 Sea Resources Lighthouse, Great Lighthouse, Harbor, Royal Navy Dockyard (England only)
Currency (Civ6)
Writing Make a Trade Route Market, Sukiennice (Poland only), Commercial Hub
Horseback Riding (Civ6)
Horseback Riding
Animal Husbandry Build a Pasture Stable, Ordu (Mongolia only), Horseman, Saka Horse Archer (Scythia only), Varu (India only), Hetairoi (Macedon only)
Iron Working (Civ6)
Iron Working
Bronze Working Build an Iron Mine Jebel Barkal, Swordsman, Ngao Mbeba (Kongo only), Legion (Rome only), Immortal (Persia only), Hypaspist (Macedon only)
Mathematics (Civ6)
Currency Build 3 different specialty districts Petra

+1 Civ6Movement Movement for all naval units

Shipbuilding (Civ6)
Sailing Own 2 Galleys Colossus, Quadrireme, Kampung (Indonesia only)

Allows all land units to embark.

Construction (Civ6)
Horseback Riding


Build a Water Mill Terracotta Army, Siege Tower
Engineering (Civ6)
Wheel Build Ancient Walls Aqueduct, Bath (Rome only), Catapult

Civics Edit

Civic Prerequisites Inspiration Unlocks
Games and Recreation (Civ6)
Games and Recreation
State Workforce Research the Construction technology Insulae, Arena, Tlachtli (Aztec only), Colosseum, Entertainment Complex, Street Carnival (Brazil only)
Political Philosophy (Civ6)
Political Philosophy
State Workforce, Early Empire Meet 3 city-states Autocracy, Oligarchy, Classical Republic, Charismatic Leader, Diplomatic League, Apadana
Drama and Poetry (Civ6)
Drama and Poetry
Early Empire Build a wonder Literary Tradition, Amphitheater, Theater Square, Acropolis (Greece only)
Military Training (Civ6)
Military Training
Military Tradition, Games and Recreation Build an Encampment Maneuver, Strategos

1 Envoy6 Envoy

Defensive Tactics (Civ6)
Defensive Tactics
Games and Recreation, Political Philosophy Be the target of a Declaration of War Bastions, Limes, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

R&F-Only 1 Governor Title

Recorded History (Civ6)
Recorded History
Political Philosophy, Drama and Poetry Build 2 Campus districts Natural Philosophy, Praetorium, Great Library

R&F-Only 1 Governor Title

Theology (Civ6)
Mysticism, Drama and Poetry Found a Religion Scripture, Temple, Madrasa (Arabia only), Prasat (Khmer only), Stave Church (Norway only), Mahabodhi Temple

1 Envoy6 Envoy

Tile ImprovementsEdit

Roman Fort (Civ6) Roman Fort
Kampung (Civ6) Kampung
Pā (Civ6)

Units Edit

Districts and Buildings Edit

Wonders Edit

Apadana (Civ6) Apadana
Colosseum (Civ6) Colosseum
Colossus (Civ6) Colossus
Great Library (Civ6) Great Library
Great Lighthouse (Civ6) Great Lighthouse
Jebel Barkal (Civ6) Jebel Barkal
Mahabodhi Temple (Civ6) Mahabodhi Temple
Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Civ6) Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Petra (Civ6) Petra
Terracotta Army (Civ6) Terracotta Army
Machu Picchu (Civ6) Machu Picchu GS-Only

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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