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The Classical era (600 BC to 500 AD) is one of the extra eras that came shipped with the game in addition to the 5 default ones. The additional Era besides this is World War 2. This era is considered by the game designers to be a subset of the Ancient age and World War 2 was part of the Modern and pre-Genetic eras. Historically most of the Ancient age takes place in the Classical era (events wise not length wise). Due to the fact that this era lasted for 1100 years its considered to really be an epoch rather than all one era. Game players that have found themselves in a Classical era scenario will need to learn new strategies and ways to wage warfare to complete their objectives.

Classical Era (CTP2)

This picture comes from Call to power II. this picture here is during the Classical era.

Alexander the Great[]

(334 BC to 280 BC) Players become introduced to the era when they first buy the game and they get to be the Macedonians at war with the Persian Empire in the 4th Century BC. The Classical Era has many unique as well as ordinary units specific to this era.

Rise of Rome and Hannibal[]

(275 BC -126 AD) for Rise of Rome. Hannibal's turns are not numbered. If you choose one of these scenarios you discover many more units that are specific to the era. Such as Great general units like Scipio or Hannibal.


Name Gives
Masonry Aqueduct, Great Wall
Concrete Arena, Forbidden city
Iron Working Samurai
Hull Making Longship, Port
Alchemy Fire Trireme
Geometry Catapult
Philosophy Academy, Aristotle's Lyceum
Theology Theocracy Government, Basilica, Cleric, Hagia Sophia
Monarchy Monarchy Government
Bureaucracy Diplomat

Notable Civilizations[]


  • Persia
  • Rome
  • China
  • India
  • Greece
  • Ethiopia


  • Peloponneseian War Campaign
  • Delian League
  • Crete
  • Spartan League

Alexander the Great Campaign[]


  • Olmec (First city state culture in the Americas)
  • Nok Culture (First Iron Working in Sub-Saharan Africa)