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Climate Accords is a Scored Competition in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

We all share this planet. For our children and their children after them, we must protect it.
–In-game flavor text & summary

We all must do our part to reduce mankind's carbon footprint. Those who do best will be thanked by the generations to come.
–In-game description

Initiation ConditionsEdit

World reaches the Atomic Era; the necessary proposal passes in the World Congress.

Scoring CriteriaEdit

1 point per turn for each CO2 emission less than the highest polluter. Completing the Carbon Recapture city project will reduce CO2 emissions, but not directly award points. Allow special projects Decommission Coal Power Plant, Decommission Oil Power Plant, Decommission Nuclear Power Plant to earn score.


Gold Tier winner will gain the rewards for Silver Tier at the same time.

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