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Clinic (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 60 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Habitation
Specialist slots None
Effect +1 Science Science
+1 Health Health
Notes None

The Clinic is used to boost Science Science and Health Health in a city.

History[edit source]

A clinic is a small-scale medical facility, intended to serve the primary health care needs in small communities. By the late 21st Century, health clinics were largely automated, with a doctor or nurse on call by the networked systems only in the case of an ailment or injury the diagnostic programs could not identify. Automated dispensing cabinets (computerized drug storage units), surgical microbots, telemedicine stations, monitoring smartbeds, autonomous point-of-care devices and similar advanced medical technology could handle all out- and short-term patients. While the hardware was not always part of the colony payload, the software and specifications for construction were included as a matter of policy. In the early years of a colony’s existence on this planet, as information of the various dangers and diseases expanded exponentially, the clinics were more vital than ever for the stability and growth of the colonial population. Procedures and treatments for miasma poisoning, for instance, were quickly added to the medical database linking the colonial clinics; that alone saved hundreds of human lives. Although in the larger settlements, staffed hospitals eventually supplanted the smaller healthcare facilities, automated clinics remain a staple in most neighborhoods and villages.

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