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Coal (Civ6) Coal is an Industrial Era Strategic Resource in Civilization VI. It is revealed with the Industrialization technology.

Coal (Civ6) Coal is found on a variety of terrain, always on Hills.

Strategy Edit

Coal (Civ6) Coal is a fairly common resource which provides a very nice Civ6Production Production boost when worked. This boost gets even better because of the Mine improvement, turning Coal (Civ6) Coal into one of the most useful resources for any city.

Its strategic use lies in producing Industrial Era ships, which can really make the difference in battle when faced with their Renaissance predecessors.

Civilopedia entry Edit

From the Old English term col, meaning “mineral of fossilized carbon,” coal has been civilization’s primary source of heat for millennia – of homes, forges, smelters, electrical plants and such. Decomposed plant matter that has been compressed over millennia, coal was first used for carved ornaments dating back to c. 4000 BC found in the Shenyang region of China. Men have been stripping it out of the ground ever since.

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