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Game Info[]

Base terrain, found everywhere there's land adjacent to a large body of water.

Base yield[]

DLC Food Food Gold Gold
Vanilla / Gods and Kings 1 1
BNW-only.png Brave New World 1 0


The coast forms a continuous strip 1-3 tiles wide which surrounds land on every side.

When a Lighthouse is built in a nearby city, all coast tiles worked by it receive an additional 1 Food Food.

All types of sea resources can be found on coast tiles.

Cities adjacent to coast may build Naval units and particular Buildings (including Wonders). They are therefore useful for creating 20xCityConnection5.png City connections and (in BNW-only.png) trade routes by sea.

Civilopedia entry[]

Coast hexes are the ocean hexes directly adjacent to land. They provide food and gold to a nearby city, but only if that civilization has the Sailing technology. Only naval units and "embarked" land units may enter coastal hexes.


BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.

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