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Coast is a base terrain in Civilization VI. It is found on the continental shelves and everywhere where land meets water, extending up to 3 tiles away from land.


Compared to earlier Civilization games, Coast tiles are less useful. The Harbor means a City Center can be further inland, and Coast tiles do not provide much when worked unless a resource is present. As such, it's wise to avoid settling a city in a region with an abundance of Coast tiles unless you plan on quickly building a Harbor in that city, which has buildings that improve their yields.

Of course, Coast tiles are the only place where early ships may move before researching Cartography. Thus, a civilization which expands its territory to cover all Coast tiles in a certain location will effectively block all maritime movement there in the early game for all civs who don't have Open Borders with them. This may often have great strategic importance.

Note that some wonders can only be built on the coastline, often next to a Harbor.

Founding a city on the coast unlocks the Eureka Eureka for Sailing.

Civilopedia entry[]

Coastal waters (unless, of course, it's a lake) beckoned early civilizations to venture out from land, where they found all sorts of riches and good things to eat. Thus, for millennia men had no need (or feared) to sail out of sight of land.


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