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Coastal city (Civ4)

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is a coastal city that owns many profitable water tiles.

In Civilization IV, a coastal tile is a land tile that is directly adjacent to one or more coast tiles.

A coastal city is a city founded on a coastal tile. All naval units and the following buildings and wonders can be built only in coastal cities:

Most coastal buildings require the city be adjacent to a body of water containing at least 10 tiles. The Drydock and production of most units requires adjacency to a body of water with at least 20 tiles. Work Boats may be built in coastal cities on smaller bodies of water if (and only if) a relevant resource is present.

In addition, coastal cities and forts are considered ports, where the following rules apply:

  • Friendly naval units can move into the city/fort.
  • Enemy naval units cannot move there.
  • Units in the city/fort can load and unload from naval transports without losing movement.

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