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Collaborative Thought
Cognition (CivBE).png

Secondary technology of Tier 2

Science 1160 Science
Requires Cognition
Leads to None

+25Supremacy Supremacy

Buildings enabled Precog Project
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Unlocks the Precog Project Wonder.

"Of course consensus is uninspiring and trite. However, inspiring, original ideas are often tragically wrong-headed."

- Élodie, Remarques

History[edit source]

Derived in part from the systems theories of von Bertalanffy and Ashby, in part from the sociocracy systems of the late 20th Century, in part from the “Delphi” method of problem solving pioneered by the RAND Corporation on Old Earth, “collaborative thought” makes use of brain-computer informatics interfaces to foster artistic and rationalist creativity. Initially conceptualized by early colonial philosophers, collaborative thought was seized upon by colonial administrators as a working method to resolving the many challenges facing their settlements. By bringing together leading scientists, artists, military officers, businessmen and others, it was believed that imaginative solutions could be offered, evaluated and implemented much quicker than before. A collateral benefit, according to some, was the fostering of groupthink among their citizenry.

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