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Colossal Heads are a special tile improvement in Civilization VI. They can be built by a player that is the Suzerain of the La Venta city-state.


Improving tiles with Colossal Heads may be a wise strategy for those who are seeking a Religious Victory. With a large number of these improvements being worked, you will generate a lot of Civ6Faith Faith per turn.

In a Theocracy - where you are able to purchase both religious and military units with Civ6Faith Faith - generating large amounts of Civ6Faith Faith per turn may be critical to your defensive measures as well.

In Gathering Storm, one single Colossal Head can provide up to 8 Tourism6 Tourism (as well as Civ6Faith Faith) after the Flight technology is researched, making it a helpful addition to any civilization seeking a Cultural Victory, especially those favoring dense forest or rainforest areas, such as Brazil, Kongo or Maori.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The colossal “Olmec Heads,” 17 stone sculptures dating to before 900 BC, are the best known remnants (at least, by tourists) of the once flourishing Mesoamerican Olmec civilization. Carved from a single boulder and then transported many miles, each depicts the head and face of a mature man, likely that of a powerful Olmec ruler, or as some theories would have it, famous ball players (if so, not much has changed). The massive heads weigh between six (the smallest) and 50 tons (the largest, but unfinished), made from basalt from quarries in the Sierra de los Tuxtlas range near Veracruz. Given that the Olmec had no metal tools, the effort to scatter these sculptures across the countryside was immense … yet another instance of mankind’s desire to leave their mark on the world.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Legends of the Hidden Temple (Civ6)
Legends of the Hidden Temple
Build a Colossal Head adjacent to a Holy Site with a Temple.
A reference to the gameshow of the same name and its mascot, a massive stone head named Olmec.
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