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The Comandante General is a unique type of Great Person Great Person available only to the Gran Colombian civilization (when led by Simón Bolívar) in Civilization VI. It cannot be trained or purchased, but is earned for free every time the game enters a new era.

  • Attributes:
    • +5 Strength Combat Strength to owned land units within 2 tiles, irrespective of era. Stacks with the Strength Combat Strength bonus of a Great General.
    • Cannot directly engage with enemy units; flees to the owner's nearest city if an enemy military unit enters its tile.

Comandantes Generales[edit | edit source]

Name Bonus Ability
José Antonio Páez Grants +4 Strength Combat Strength to Cavalry class units within 2 tiles.
Gregor MacGregor Grants 1 promotion level to a military land unit and Gold Gold equal to 50% of the purchase cost of the unit.
Antonio Nariño Increase Trade Route Trade Route capacity by 1. Grants a Trader unit in the nearest city.
José Félix Ribas Enemy units within 2 tiles lose 30 HP.
Rafael Urdaneta All land combat units within 2 tiles regain all Movement and attack capability.
Santiago Mariño +4 Strength Combat Strength to all Melee and Anti-Cavalry units within two tiles.
Manuel Piar +7 Strength Combat Strength to a unit.
Mariano Montilla Units within 2 tiles gain +4 Strength Combat Strength vs. District Defenses.
Francisco de Paula Santander Gives a Random Civic.

R&F-Only.png GS-Only.png Gives a Governor Governor Title.

Antonio Jose de Sucre Instantly creates the strongest unit you can build. This unit receives a free promotion.

GS-Only.png Instantly creates the strongest unit you can build. This unit receives a free promotion. This unit requires no resource maintenance.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Comandante General is essentially a more versatile version of the Great General; therefore, most of the tips given for the latter unit will also apply for the former. However, Comandantes Generales have one distinct advantage over their counterparts: their military knowledge is not limited by era! As such, retiring a Comandante General as time passes in-game is not strictly necessary. That said, the retirement effect of each Comandante General is also quite powerful, so do not hesitate to retire one if you really need the boost. The passive abilities of multiple Comandantes Generales, like those of Great Generals, do not stack with one another, but passive abilities of one Comandante General do stack with those of a Great General. If you manage to earn an early Great General, your units can boast a +1 Movement Movement bonus on top of a +10 Strength Combat Strength bonus as early as the Classical Era, on top of your existing Movement Movement bonus of your civilization.

By earning the first Comandante General at the start of the Classical Era, Gran Colombia will earn +4 Era Score, making it slightly easier to avoid a Dark Age going into the Medieval Era. However, for each subsequent Comandante General, you do not earn +2 Era Score like when you earn other Great Person Great People, but they do grant +2 Era Score the first time a unit within their radius successfully scores a kill.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Gran Colombia’s history is marked by resistance, and this resistance was led by a series of brilliant military commanders. From José de St Martín to José María Córdova, Francisco de Paula Santander to José Antonio Páez, to Simón Bolívar, “El Libertador,” himself, Latin American military leaders shaped the course of South America’s history.

As an example of their daring, during the liberation of New Granada, Bolívar led his 3,000 troops through swollen rainy-season rivers and up the flanks of the icy Andes, a move that would be nearly suicidal for another general. But Bolívar came down from the heights, outflanking the Spanish and cutting off reinforcements. Bogotá – the Spanish colonial capital – fell just days later.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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