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Combat in Civilization II is more complex than in Sid Meier's Civilization.

Participants engage in several bouts, where winning is somewhat random but probability is based on current strengths, and the loser of each bout loses a small proportion of its health. The eventual winner usually has reduced health, which takes time to recover.

Combat Damage (Civilopedia entry)[]

It is now possible for units to be damaged as a result of combat. In each successful attack, a unit inflicts an amount of damage equal to its Firepower rating. The amount of damage a unit can sustain before it is destroyed is determined by multiplying the unit's Hit Point rating by ten.

The approximate amount of damage a unit has sustained can be determined by the length and color of the unit's damage bar (the colored bar at the top of the unit's shield symbol). A green bar indicates that the unit has lost from 0 to 33 percent of its Hit Points, a yellow bar shows that the unit has lost from 34 to 66 percent, and a red bar indicates that it has lost 67 percent or more.

Damage also affects the movement of a unit. The percentage of movement lost is equivalent to the percentage of Hit Points lost. Sea units can never have their movement reduced below two. The movement of air units is not affected by damage.

Unit Actions[]

Fortify (Civilopedia entry)[]

Roman legions on campaign halted their march early enough each evening to build a completely fortified camp for the night. They had learned the value of defensive fortifications when under attack. Where possible, it was the standard practice of most armies to build defensive works of some type whenever expecting an attack. Fortified defenders had their fighting strength multiplied, making it much harder to defeat them.

Ground units can be ordered to fortify by pressing the "F" key, or by selecting "Fortify" from the Orders menu. The defensive value of fortified units is increased by 50 percent.

Sentry (Civilopedia entry)[]

Units ordered to go on sentry duty appear as gray silhouettes. These units are removed from the movement queue, and remain on sentry duty until another unit moves into their sight range or until they are manually reactivated. Units on sentry duty inside a city are automatically loaded onto ships (up to the ship's unit carrying capacity) when the ship leaves the city.

Units are placed on sentry duty by pressing the "S" key, or by choosing the "Sentry" option on the Orders menu. Damaged units placed on sentry inside a city become active when they have been completely repaired.

Pillage (Civilopedia entry)[]

The terrain improvements built by other civilizations (irrigation, mines, roads, etc.) can be destroyed by moving a unit into the improved terrain square and ordering the unit to pillage. This reduces the production value of the land, and forces your enemy to re-develop the terrain.

Units can be ordered to pillage by holding down the shift key and pressing "P", or by choosing the "Pillage" command from the Orders menu. The unit must be ordered to pillage once for each of the terrain improvements you want to destroy. A fully developed terrain square (farmland with a railroad, for example) must be pillaged four times in order to remove all improvements.

Airlift (Civilopedia entry)[]

After the discovery of Combined Arms, you have the ability to perform Airlift operations between your cities. Airlifting allows you to move units instantly over great distances. In order to Airlift a unit between two cities, both cities must have an Airport.

To Airlift a unit, move the unit into a city with an Airport and choose "Airlift" from the Orders menu, or press the "l" key. A menu of possible destinations appears. Choose the destination city from the menu, and the unit is instantly transported to that city. The unit becomes available for use on the following turn.

Veteran Units (Civilopedia entry)[]

Main article: Veteran (Civ2)

During the American Civil War, soldiers who had never been in battle were said to have "seen the elephant" after being under fire for the first time. Afterward, they were considered veterans. History shows that well-trained, veteran soldiers are much more likely to survive a battle than inexperienced troops.

Units have a 50 percent chance of becoming Veterans each time they survive a combat encounter. Cities with a Barracks Improvement automatically produce Veteran units, as do all cities under the influence of the Sun Tzu's War Academy Wonder. The attack and defense factors of Veteran units is increased by 50 percent.

Civil Wars[]

Main article: Civil war (Civ2)

Civil wars occur when a powerful civilization's capital is conquered. The original civilization is split into two.

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