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 "Everything in life is somewhere else and you get there in a car."
– E. B. White


Combustion allows you to construct the Transport, Destroyer, and Attack Submarine (with Radio and Rocketry) naval units. You may construct the Public Transportation building and the Creative Constructions Wonder. It enables your Workers to build the Well improvement on land-based Oil resources and obsoletes the Whale resource.

Civilopedia entry[]

The development of internal combustion was a great advance of the Industrial Age. German engineer Nikolaus Otto built the forerunner of today's internal combustion engine in 1876. Refinements on Otto's design over the next 10 years led to more efficient and powerful engines. The internal combustion engine forever changed world transportation. Early automobile builds utilizing steam engines had proven to be both underpowered and impractical, but the fuel efficiency and compact size of the internal combustion engine allowed the automotive industry to flourish. Several varieties, including the diesel engine designed by Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel, went on to revolutionize propulsion in shipping and other transportation industries.

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