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A Comet Strike is a type of natural disaster in Civilization VI, unique to the Apocalypse game mode. When the Climate Change reaches Phase VII, the world will enter the Apocalypse phase, and Comet Strikes will happen once every turn until the end of the game. It is the most devastating type of disaster, brings no benefits and urges players to hurry up towards victory as the world is rapidly approaching its impending doomsday.

A Comet Strike can raze an entire city if the City Center gets struck directly, even if it is a city-state or an original Capital Capital. In that case, control over that razed Capital Capital will not be counted as a requirement for Domination Victory, as it will be achieved once a player gains control of every other remaining original Capital Capital in the game. Great Person Great People and Giant Death Robots can also be killed outright by a Comet Strike.

A Comet Strike can also wipe out every terrain type and any features on it, including Mountains and Natural Wonders. Tiles that get hit directly by the comet will be all turned into impassable Impact Zones, and cannot be improved in any way. In the case when only a part of a multiple-tile Natural Wonder gets struck directly, all tiles of that Natural Wonder will be wiped out. However, only the tiles that gets hit directly by the comet are turned into Impact Zones; the tiles outside of it will be turned into the base terrain that the Natural Wonder is on. These newly formed base terrain tiles can still be improved as normal. National Parks function similarly to Natural Wonders when hit, as the whole park will be removed, but only the tiles that are directly hit turn into Impact Zones - other park tiles will revert to their original state.

The Impact Zone of one Comet Strike is always either horizontal four-tile diamond-shaped or only one tile.

After a Comet Strike, the visuals for the game map turn dark red with ashes falling on the screen.

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The end of the world as we know it
The end of the world as we know it
Be the last person standing after comets begin falling.
This might be a reference to the song It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by American rock band R.E.M..
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1 Requires a DLC2 Apocalypse mode only
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