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Comms Relay (CivBE)

Game info Edit

  • Utility orbital unit. Unlocked at Communications.
  • Provides orbital coverage 5 tiles around its deployment position

The Comm Relay is a utility satellite that provides orbital coverage around it, greatly extending the range that satellites can be deployed. it only occupies one tile of orbital space itself, so it is great to be deployed on the edges of your orbital coverage regularly to allow global coverage. Comm Relays often work well with the Supremacy bonus that gives orbital coverage around Firaxite - you can build a large relay around Firaxite sources.

Orbital specifications Edit

Subject Comm Relay
Tech Prerequisites Communications
Resource Cost None
Production Cost 100 20xProductionBE Production
Orbital zone radius 0 (single tile)
Orbital Duration 60 turns
Effect Provides orbital coverage 5 tiles

around its deployment position

Civilopedia Entry

The Comm Relay extends the reach of orbital launch operations to areas far from mission ground control. The coordination required to launch a satellite far from friendly territory is immense, a problem made worse by the unpredictable weather patterns of Miasma in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

The Comm Relay conveys messages at long distances quickly, using molecular communication. The notions of molecular communication are ancient, but their use beyond nanotechnology is recent to arrival on this planet. The innate connection of molecules across space is now more fully understood, allowing us to convey complex messages across large distances efficiently and reliably. This allows for communication without the concern for radio interference caused by Miasma in the atmosphere. It also enables quick conveyance of the mathematical analysis and telemetry necessary for a successful launch. Comm Relays are even capable of assisting the launches of other, further Comm Relays, extending orbital coverage deep into foreign territory.

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