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Command Center
Command Center (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 310 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Communications
Specialist slots None
Effect +20 City Hitpoints
+20 City Defense
Notes None

Once you build your first Command Center you get a quest, "SPYMASTER AND COMMANDER", to gain another covert operations agent.

History[edit source]

For millennia, victory in military operations has usually been the result of superiority in the realm of the three C’s: command, control, communications (to which was added a fourth in the 21st Century: computers). One of the major factors that led to the Great Mistake, according to many historians, was the deficiency of Pakistani 3C structure once the decision was made to intervene in an essentially asymmetric war. After the conflict, most of the new nations invested heavily in a system of interlinked command centers, with regional or city-specific centers supported by tactical operations centers, SIGINT centers, emergency response centers and “war rooms” for strategic-level decision-making. Increasingly, with advances in quantum computers, “fuzzy logic” programming and communication networks, the Old Earth command centers were given ever more autonomy, although short of the hysterical fiction of the science fantasy authors popular at the time. Upon planetfall, although the technology and schematics for various types of command centers were available, most settlements did not have the resources to invest in semi- or fully-autonomous military centers of the scale or sophistication found on Old Earth. But, with new methods to secure control and communications, it is rumored that several colonies have built or are building augmented command centers.

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