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Commerce is the exchange of goods and cash between communities within and around a city, the exchange of knowledge and ideas, travel and shopping. It is the commercial exploitation of goods and services within your society. This base product is ultimately converted into other more useful outputs such as liquid wealth or scientific research.

Commerce production depends upon the terrain within the city's radius, because citizens laboring there produce commerce. Commerce output is reduced by local Corruption, which is based on empire size and distance from a capital. When the City Display is open, you can see what the citizens are producing.

A citizen working Produces this many Gold (Civ3).png with Road
Flood Plains 1 2
Grassland 0 1
Plains 0 1
Desert 0 1
Hills 0 1
Mountains 0 1
Forest 0 1
Jungle 0 1
Coast 2 -
Sea 1 -
Ocean 0 -

Note any square next to a river produces one extra commerce per turn, and some Resources provide bonus commerce as well.

Tax Revenue[]

The government derives Tax Revenue from the sum total of all the commerce generated by each city (minus corruption) and then this revenue is allocated into three spending areas:

The allocation of tax revenues into these three categories is set using the Revenue Slider on the Domestic Advisor.

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