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A commodity is an item traded between cities in Civilization II. After the discovery of trade, every city menu will display six commodities: three available for export and three demanded as imports. Hides can be exported indefinitely; other items can only be carried by one caravan or valid trade route at a time.


There are 16 commodities available:

Commodity Bonus
Hides 2.0
Wool 2.0
Beads 2.0
Cloth 2.5
Salt 2.0
Coal 2.5
Copper 2.0
Dye 2.0
Wine 2.5
Silk 3.0
Silver 2.5
Spice 3.0
Gems 3.0
Gold 3.0
Oil 3.5
Uranium 4.0

The bonus value is used in computing the initial monetary and science bonus from a new trade route. If a commodity is demanded by the caravan's target city, the default trade value is multiplied by the bonus value.


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The names of Civ2’s commodities can be found and modified in the Rules.txt file.